Becoming a Northern Bear Member!

Tags have been ordered!! They'll ship out as soon as we receive them!!

Northern Bear Membership Tags

This 2023 season NBDG has decided to create these awesome looking membership tags for all of you to show your support while adding a little bit of swag to your disc golf bag or cart!

Profit gained from all membership tags will go directly to players participating in our tournaments. Whether thats added cash to the pro/am purse, added raffle items, added player pack items, and more! 

Your support allows our events to continue to be #1 in the State of Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin!! To see all of the events we're running this year, click HERE

Membership Tags are pre-ordered and will only be available up until the end of March. For $11 we'll have them shipped directly to you and you should receive them in mid April. Please keep in mind that very few tags will be available after March so please pre-order yours today!

Benefits of owning a Membership tag is pretty simple: Northern Bear tag members will get 10% or $2 off “whichever benefits the buyer more” all purchases on anything sold by Northern Bear. This can only be redeemed once per day, once per event, and for only one player per tag “aka the current tag owner”. This will also work with "Bear Bucks" won at Northern Bear events. If you're overall purchase is less than $10 you will be given a discount of $1 off ONLY since $2 off anything below that price is just simply not profitable. 

Membership Tag Bonuses!

Although there are no rules to owning a Membership Tag, we have them numbered so if you ever come across another individual who has one you can have a fair and equal challenge to compete for the lower number. 

You can also turn them in during our events to play for the lowest number! This will NOT be division based.

For those who may be struggling with any rulings regarding a membership tag challenge, we suggest going with our "Bag Tag" honor rules which you can look into more HERE