Bonus Ace

Win it all with just one throw!

What You'll Win if You Hit it:

Roughly $2,250 in Value!!

Limited Edition Paul Mcbeth Zuca Cart w/Buzz

Info Below:

This Limited Edition Paul McBeth Cart is completely equipped with red tubeless foam tires, disc golf rack, our popular accessory pouch and includes an exclusive Limited Edition Discraft Midnight Z Buzzz with red Paul McBeth Foundation stamp! Pack this artistic and dependable cart with everything you need to hit the disc golf course, and take a seat with style.

Artwork inspired by Paul's achievements and the global impact of his charity foundation. 

The Jetpack - Discmania GRIPeq BX3 Bag!

Info Below:

The BX3© is feature-packed and performance-built for every player from casual to touring pro, carrying everything needed for local course rounds or traveling tournament life.

Designed by GRIPeq – Produced on Planet Earth – Guaranteed For Life            


The NEW BX3 features include:

  *max = drivers

MVP PARSEC Laser Rangefinder

Info Below:

Discmania Lite Pro Basket!

Info Below:

Introducing Discmania Lite PRO Basket – the most affordable PDGA approved target in the business!

Lite PRO is approved Disc Golf target by the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association). It is perfect training target for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lite PRO has 12 chains that are connected also horizontally to ensure a near-perfect catching experience. Horizontal chains were first used in the original Discmania LITE Basket when it was launched in 2014 and since they have become a standard for these light-weight training targets around the world.

New outlook with red center pole and top flag give a great visibility on the course. Lite PRO is super easy to assemble – it takes only a minute and four clicks to set up. The target is very portable and you can get it anywhere!

Improvements compared to the original LITE Basket include: Electronically galvanized frame and chains, better visibility, slimmer package design and size – The Lite PRO is about 10cm taller than the LITE Basket.

38 various discs from 10 different disc golf manufactures

$90 Worth of Various Disc Golf Gift Cards 

From: OTB, Infinite Discs, &

$100 in "Bear Bucks"

Grip6 Belt w/NBDG Logo

Custom Cherry Glass minis w/NBDG Logo

Over 25 Various Discs!

Gravity Mini

Evalation Mini

2 Grundy Tye Dye Towels

2 OTB Stamped Discs

5 OTB pencils

OTB Koozie & Pin

2 Infinite Discs Bracelets

Over 50 Various Stickers


Bonus Ace Rules & Clarifications:

Each event will have one designated hole for the Bonus Ace. Everyone who participates in the event will automatically qualify for the Bonus Ace! All you have to do is throw it into the correct basket from the correct tee and you win all that it is listed above!! Not to mention the events ace pot and some pretty serious bragging rights!

-The designated hole will NOT change in between rounds UNLESS the course changes or that hole isn't being played on the 2nd round.

-If there are multiple tees and/or baskets on the Bonus Ace hole, players must throw from the correct tee and ace the correct basket in order to receive the winnings.

-If more then 1 player aces the bonus hole, all items will be evenly split to the best of our ability based off of similarity AND value. Both players may have to throw off via CTP on a hole of our choosing to win "First Dibs" on the prizes they get to pick first in the event they aced it on the same round. If one player aced a round earlier than the other(s) then they will get "First Dibs".

-In the event of any arguing and disagreement, Northern Bear Disc Golf will be the final mediator.

-If the Bonus Ace isn't hit, it'll simply carry over into the next NBDG event where it'll continue to grow!

Any Comments, Questions, and/or Concerns? Feel Free to Contact Us