Meet Joshua!

Location: Winthrop MN

PDGA #142338

PDGA Rating: 914 -  +3(as of Janurary 9th, 2024

Preferred Division: MA2

Joshua has played disc golf for 2 years!!

His favorite Course is: White Cedar.

Joshuas Personal Bio:

I'm a dedicated disc golfer who wants to grow the sport and grow with the sport! I started playing in April of 2020. (Still have allot to learn)

I'm very competitive and love being outdoors! Minnesota is an awesome place to be outdoors anytime of the year! My favorite courses are wooded ones. I love trying to work the disc on a perfect line through the trees and have that "there it is" feeling.

I have a few favorite discs, the TL3 has been my all time favorite. Then there's the Banshee, Grace, Lion, Anchor, Fuse, and the Claymore. I putt with the Pure

I have a big heart and get along with just about anyone! I'm always up for a round with new people as well as friends! Life is short, I try to live each day a little better than the day before!


What do you want your rating to be at the end of the season?


How many events to do want to play this year?

I try to get 20+ each year!

-How many C-Tiers? 8

-How many B-Tiers? 3

-How many A-Tiers? 2

Any specific events you look forward to playing this year?

Lake Superior Open "LSO"

Which event is the farthest away and how far is it?

LSO which is about 4 hours!

What are some things you’d like to focus and work on improving this season?

Adding confidence to my forehand.

What are some courses you’d like to play this year that you’ve never played or haven’t played in a while?

I'd really like to travel and play some of the better known courses such as "Eagles Crossing."

What are some other goals you have that you’d like to list below?

I'd like to play a 1,000 rated round during a sanctioned event. Right now my current record is 965.

Photo's of Joshua This 2023 Season: