What We Use All Donations For

Donations help us in many ways such as:

Added Money Towards The Pro & Am Payouts / Added Raffle Items / Additional Player-Pack Items

100% of all donations goes directly to the players! All other expenses are covered by us! Meaning any added cost, fees, labor, beverages, and so much more is covered out of pocket to give all players a smooth, fun-filled, and prize-packed event. Each and Every. Single. Time. We strive to ensure payouts are high, prizes are big, and the playerpacks are unlike no other!!

Below Is a Personal Thank You From Each Of Our Team Members!!


I greatly appreciate all the effort and donations each and every one of you are able to provide! It's the difference that keeps us going!


Thank you so much for your donations! They make it possible for me to continue creating beautiful, memorable, and long lasting products!!


Thank you all for the donations, It makes all of this possible! It inspires me to create more detailed and unique art for each of you! It truly means the world!!