Grow The Sport & Build a Course

We'll be right by your side, every step of the way!

Looking to Design a Course?

Northern Bear Disc Golf works hard at continuing to grow and strengthen the sport of disc golf. What is the best way to do that you ask? Building courses!

Disc golf is still unknown to many families and people alike and we're trying to change that! Afterall, it's great exercise, cheap to start out, and most importantly; family friendly for anyone of all age groups!


The following is the minimum requirements we ask of you before contacting us:

-At least 5-10 acres. "For a 9-hole"

-At least 10-25 acres. "For a 18-hole"

-At least 25+ acres. "For a 27-hole"

-Proof of ownership of the land /or/ Proof of approval.

-An Address with any specific instructions, details, and any restrictions regarding the land upon building.

What We Do

Northern Bear Disc Golf will come out and survey the land by walking it out while correlating with you on ideas and suggestions to insure everyone is in agreement. Later we will draw out a design plan, walk out and mark the teepads, basket locations, and flag any obstacles that should either stay, be removed, or moved around with different colors to insure the least amount of confusion. 

Northern Bear Disc Golf also offers services to help and/or take initiative with the actual creation of the course at hand. With that said, we'll help with not only the hard labor, but also help set up any funding and/or donations from local businesses and cities for baskets, teepads, benches, tables, and more!


Now although we don't do this for the money, we want you to understand that we still have to make at least enough back on gas, supplies, and general time. We have no problem working with your budget and getting to a price we both can agree on. We wish to see the sport grow as much as you do and we'll continue to do what we can to ensure we do our part to help the growth of the sport and general public knowledge of it. 

So please contact us at: and we'll make sure to get ahold of you se we can start working on another beautiful course for amateurs and professionals alike to enjoy with friends and family.