Meet Heather!

Location: Hibbing MN

PDGA #65419

PDGA Rating: 634 -  -16(as of July 11th, 2023) 

Preferred Division: FA40+

Heather has played disc golf on and off for 24 years!!

Her favorite Course is: Blue Ribbon Pines.

Heathers Personal Bio:

Where it all began;

In 1998, I was introduced to disc golf by my husband, and I was immediately hooked. I had just learned about a fun, “new” sport. I didn’t know at the time what a tremendous impact this sport would have on my life. As it turns out... Disc Golf saved my life both mentally and physically. If you’d like to know more about how disc golf saved my life you can read about it in this article.

Since the release of this article, I have experienced several setbacks including knee surgery which led to my being near death from blood clots in my lungs. After knee surgery as well as injuring my neck and back, it was bad enough for my Doctors and Surgeons to tell me I would never be able to play disc golf again. After receiving that soul crushing news, I figured out a way to keep myself involved with the sport and out on the course. I grabbed my camera and started shooting. Over the next several years you would find me out and about on a course nearly every day during the disc golf season taking pictures of others disc golfing. And traveling with my husband during the off season for him to play in warmer climate tournaments. While he was competing, I was taking pictures of all the competitors and making free digital photo albums with links for everyone involved with the tournaments. Unfortunately, while I was enjoying doing this for everyone, I was dealing with the major chronic pain that came with back and neck injuries. This caused me to slow down even more and not photograph very many tournaments for the past couple years and instead focus more on “fixing” my back and neck. I had a disc replaced in my neck and was told I would need surgery on my lower back. The first surgeon said I would need disc fusion for 3 of my lower discs. Surgeon number 2 said I would need disc replacement of only one disc. For some reason my insurance did not want to cover either of these surgeries. After about another year or so I was finally sent to see a specialist at the University of Minnesota. This time I received some of the best news possible and I found out why my insurance wouldn’t cover the surgery. Not only would I not need spinal surgery, but my spine was doing so well that I was given the “all clear” to hit the course as a disc golfer again. He told me I will have to be careful, listen to my body, and do not forget to stretch.  

So here I am. I am ready, willing, able, & excited to finally make my comeback to the sport I love!


What do you want your rating to be at the end of the season?

Above 650.

How many events to do want to play this year?

At least 6.

-How many C-Tiers? 5+

-How many B-Tiers? 1+

-How many A-Tiers? N/A at this time.

Any specific events you look forward to playing this year?

Battle for the Ribbon at BRP! Afterall, it's my first tournament in 7 years and it's at my favorite course!

Which event is the farthest away and how far is it?

I'd like to play at least one event outside of Minnesota I just haven't decided yet.

What are some things you’d like to focus and work on improving this season?

Distance, endurance, & stamina are weaknesses I'll surely be working on this season.

What are some courses you’d like to play this year that you’ve never played or haven’t played in a while?

Although I've been at the Judson Mine DGC in Buhl MN, I've never played it and look forward to doing so this year.

What are some other goals you have that you’d like to list below?

My biggest goal is to "cash" this season while playing against at least 3+ others in my divison.

Photo's of Heather This 2023 Season: