Becoming a Hole Sponsor

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Northern Bear Disc Golf is constantly looking for hole sponsors, and we appreciate each and every single one of them! We do our best to show our appreciation by placing two bright, clear, and simple signs right in front of the teepad(s) of your designated hole!

We try to make our events worth coming too above all others. Frankly, we can only do so much without the generous donations from companies and organizations just like yours! By donating cash and raffle items, our players walk away with either cash, or various discs and other items that they'll use for years to come! Not only does it help us, it helps you! Afterall, what you donate ends up in their hands! It's a great way to advertise your business and market your products and the price? As simple as giving away a few items and a little cash to bring smiles from all the wonderful disc golfers right here in beautiful Minnesota!


Benefits include the following:

-Two custom signs that are strategically placed in front of the teepad(s) of your designated hole!

-A shout out during the players meeting as well as right before payouts and the raffle.

-Your business logo and name within our website on the "Supporters & Sponsors" page.

-A chance to have your signs used to fill holes that may not have been sponsored throughout other events!

-You business name and logo is mentioned in our digital caddy book!

Our custom made signs have the dimensions of; 5"H x 18"L so they're easy to see in front of the teepad. We want to advertise your business as much as possible to insure you get the best for your buck!


Our hole sponsor pricing is pretty simple and to some is almost unbelievable! We only ask $50 per event. This includes all the benefits listed above, we also encourage a few items towards the raffle per event. Afterall, we want to give you the best advertising of your business towards our players, caddies, and spectators alike! Either way, we appreciate any size of support that gives our players the best experience at all of our events and for that, thank you.