Becoming Apart of Team NBDG

Want to be sponsored by us? We'd be happy to have you!

We have requests all the time and we love seeing players of all ages, gender, race, & skill level to be out representing Team Northern Bear!

We try to give as many players as possible the chance to get sponsored and to have the opportunity to represent us all throughout the State of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North & South Dakota, Iowa, & even in lower Ontario Canada!!

Due to budgeting and other limitations, we aren't able to accept all requests as they come in. Please be patient with us, we'll be in contact with you to let you know wether or not you meet the requirements and if so, when you might be accepted! 


When you're accepted as a Northern Bear sponsor, you are a representation of our company. Which means your actions reflect not only yourself, but the business and other sponsored players. Please be kind, respectful, clean dressed, and always benefit the player!

#1: Wear a clean uniform with our provided NBDG shirts during tournaments. 

-Wear our Northern Bear shirts during league events and casual rounds. 

#2: Please be kind, supportive, and always benefit the player throughout any situation. Wether it's at a big event or even a round with a group of friends at your local course.

-Know PDGA rules & help guide others who may be new to disc golf by teaching them the overall rules of the sport. 

-Provide useful tips to help them with their disc golf journey. Sometimes the smallest advice can go a long way, even if you're still trying to figure it out yourself!

#3: Be familiar with our website, our hosted events, leagues, and other services. We want you to primarily be familiar with our 8 events we’re hosting throughout the 2023 season. We also expect you to tell people about our events, the various brands of discs we offer, know about our raffles and how all that works. Also mention the coffee available throughout the event along with food during lunch and dinner as well. 

All of these things can be found throughout our website & on the discgolfscene website on the events specifically. There will be a questionnaire you’ll fill out later that will act as a test to make sure you’re aware of our website and our events to insure you know where to find things.

#4: Please do your best to grow the sport and be proud to be apart of the disc golf community. Try to teach those who may not be familiar with what we do and encourage them to try disc golf no matter where you are! 

#5: Whenever participating in a Northern Bear event primarily, we encourage social media content & pictures to better advertise the business and yourself in the community. "Posting your round(s) after tournaments, league nights, & even record breaking casual rounds. Along with aces, winnings, and anything that might be important to you and be important to other players.

#6: We like to see players who participate and travel for tournaments & other events. We like to see an average of at least one of the following; 6 C-tiers, and/or 3 B-tiers, and/or 1-2 A-tiers throughout each tournament season. 

-Although this isn't necessary, we're primarily looking for players involved with the community, social media, and people who like to compete in the sport. 

-Players who grow the sport, run events, host local leagues, are known to volunteer, and to help maintain their local courses will also be accepted


#1: This is an Open-Bag sponsorship. Meaning you can throw, carry, and use whatever you like! 

#2: Every new sponsor will be given 2-3 Northern Bear shirts along with a free Northern Bear hat. 

We offer a variety of Northern Bear sponsored shirts. These shirts are lightweight and comfortable with moisture wicking technology! The best part of our shirts is we allow custom changes to every design we offer!

Maybe you don't like the color, maybe you'd prefer a tree here or the basket over there, maybe you'd like your silhouette in the shirt, maybe you want to squeeze your name, PDGA number, or perhaps your personal logo somewhere in the shirt? Maybe you want to mix and match?! We'll work with you on each shirt and once we've reached something you'll be comfortable in and enjoy wearing, we'll get you a hat picked out with your choice of color and get them sent off to you! Please allow 2-4 weeks before receiving them!

#3: All sponsored players will receive exclusive discounts and other offers through our available stock. We also give our players a baseline 10% or $2 off "Whichever benefits you more" anything we sell! This also works with "Bear Bucks".

#4: All sponsored players will get early registration to all of our events and first pick on any new items received. Basically, you'll get notified and have the chance to buy/register anything before it goes public.

#5: You will be given a $100 credit to spend as you please throughout our northern bear stock. You can also use this credit to buy more northern bear shirts “$36” or more northern bear hats “$18” . This credit does not have to be used right away. If you buy anything that has to be shipped to you, we will cover the shipping!

-You may also receive added credit throughout the season as rewards for placing high in events and so on. 

#6: We will have a “Team Northern Bear” page on our website with your name, PDGA number, and a picture of you in your favorite Northern Bear shirt along with the other sponsored players! We will also have a page dedicated to you with an “about me” section with pictures, special achievements, and goals along with many other details! "This will be fully customizable for you and nothing will be added onto your page specifically without your permission." 

More benefits are to come for current and new sponsors alike!

Check Out Our Special NBDG Shirts!!

These are a digital mockup & not 100% accurate!

Please keep in mind that these are also totally customizable!!