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Northern Bear Disc Golf has an annual winter putting league in the great northern Minnesota every Winter!!! For the last 2 years, it has been held inside the Hibbing Armory every Tuesday. People can come in as early as 5:00PM to warm up an we start at 6:00PM where Pros and Amatuers alike compete for a little cash as we get together and work on our putting skills! Feel free to join us, we average 20 people.

General Information:

11 Holes, 4 Rounds.

We strive for 11 holes with 4 rounds of fun! Each hole has 4 seperate marks with color coated tape that provides various different scenerios to help you cash those putts out on the course! We have straight putts, hyzers, anhyzers, straddle putts, raised baskets, downhill putts, and we even have a couple putts where you're pushed right up agaisnt a wall or corner just enough to make you feel uncomfortable! Most positions are inside Circle 1 while a handful are inside Circle 2. Giving you plenty of putt practice from various distances!!

The way we play is simple, we have cards of 3 or 4 and assign you to a starting hole, from there you'll simply place one foot directly behind the marking tape and putt at the basket. If you miss, you'll play where you lie and putt from there and continue to do so until you've completed the hole. You'll then count your strokes and move on to the next hole... Just like regular golf!! 


$5 for both PRO & AM with an optional $1 ace!

What Do I Need?

Easy! Indoor Shoes to change into, 2 Putting putters, and possibly a mini marker!

Which Division Is Best For Me?

Everyone is different when it comes to putting but I've noticed most of our Pros are 900+ rated and the rest play in the AM divisions but please, if you're not certain... You can always start in AM and move up to Pro!!

Ace Pot

At the end of our weekly endeavor, each player who paid into the ace pot lines up with their 2 discs and take turns throwing from one end of the Amory to the other, each attempting to throw it into the designated basket to win the ace pot!! We usually have various obsticles in front of this 125ft hole, forcing the players to throw various shots in order to throw it into the basket. 

There are a few simple rules everyone must follow in order for the ace to be legitimate..

#1: Any disc off the building wall or ceiling does not count. Skip shots are okay.

#2: only 2 discs per player must be thrown behind the designated marker.

#3: Look totally awesome doing it!

Otherwise everything else is totally fine and absolutely legal!!

How Long Does It Take?

Although you can get there by 5:00PM, league offically starts at 6:00PM. After 4 rounds of 11 holes, the ace pot throw off, tie breakers, and clean up... We're always driving away by 8:00PM at the LATEST!! Most cards also swing outside and smoke inbetween rounds!

What's The Tempurate Inside?

The temperature inside is pretty warm, at least 70 degrees. So, feel free to wear what you normally would out on the course to keep your putting stroke clean and consistent. Clean your disc golf shoes so you can wear them inside, wear that hat, put on those shorts, and be prepared to dominate the putting greens during the 2024 season!!

Putting League Bonus Ace!

Just like our disc golf tournaments, We have a bonus ace hole for our winter putting league! What do you get for winning you ask? A disc golf bag of your choice on us! You pick it out, we'll buy it, and ship it directly to you.

How does the bonus ace work? Well.. It's easier said then done. All you have to do is "ace" each of the 4 marked spots on the designated bonus ace hole. So far the closest anyone has gotten is 2 out of 4!!

A few things to note when winning the disc golf bag:

#1: A cart is not a disc golf bag.

#2: The disc golf bag must be valued under $300 "not including shipping" unless you're willing to pay the difference.

Current AM Record:

~ Jarred at 64 ~

Current Pro Record:

~ Luke at 57 ~

Previous AM Record Holders:

~ Jarred at 67 ~

~ Brian at 69 ~

~ Devo at 71 ~

Previous Pro Record Holders:

~ Luke at 58 ~

~ Toad at 65 ~

This Years Ace-ers:

D-Brown & Toad!!

Wow! 3 weeks in a row the ace has been hit!! This week I changed it up a little bit in hopes to lose the streak but instead 2 of them aced it! Both shots were right in line the whole way! Each collecting a whopping $7.50! Toad generously gave his half to D-Brown because "I got it a couple weeks ago so, he can have it." Gotta love this amazing community!! 

Ray Oberley!

Ray hit the ace the week right after toad! This ancient creature threw a perfect backhand and landed it right in the basket for a whopping $11 ace pot!! Wether its $11 or $111... It's still an ace regardless! As you can see, he's happy either way! Afterall, it was a nice shot.

Cody "Toad" Nynas!

Toad is so good he barely even needs chains!! He threw a beautiful backhand and ever so softly threw it in to the basket. It was so quiet, hardly anyone noticed.. But hey! a $111 ace pot is an ace pot nonetheless!

Mathew "Porky" Shears!

Mr. Shears collected a solo $79 pot with a slammer skip ace! He threw it low and yelled "Skip In!" and it did just that. 

2022 Ace-ers:

Bill Chalmers & Ray Oberley!

Each of them collecting $128 each! It was hit back to back along with 2 additional spit outs.. It was crazy!!

Take a Tour! Below is Every Hole, Each Round!

Hole 1. Rounds 1-4

Hole 2. Rounds 1-4

Hole 3. Rounds 1-4

Hole 4. Rounds 1-4

Hole 5. Rounds 1-4

Hole 6. Rounds 1-4

Hole 7. Rounds 1-4

Hole 8. Rounds 1-4

Hole 9. Rounds 1-4

Hole 10. Rounds 1-4

Hole 11. Rounds 1-4

A HUGE shout out to our girl, Heather Oberley for the pictures and ace pot prizes!

Heather "Skittles" Oberley