2024 Northern Bear Tags

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Bag tags have been ordered and will be handed out during league!

Bag tags have been ordered and will be shipped out as soon as they're received

Whats the Difference?

Bag Tags

Bag Tags are for players local to the Iron Range and Hibbing area of Minnesota and play Northern Bear events frequently. Bag Tag owners also participate in the local league that takes play throughout all the local courses such as Chisholm, Hibbing, Buhl, & Side lake. Bag Tag owners have a list of honor rules they follow and compete for the #1 Bag Tag! 

All profit made from Bag Tags go to maintenance, clean up, and upgrades throughout the local courses listed above. All Bag Tag owners get a benefit of 10% or $2 "whichever benefits the buyer more" throughout our entire stock and selection of discs, disc golf apparel, disc golf bags, carts, and more! See greater details  HERE


Membership Tags

Membership Tags are for players outside the Iron Range & Hibbing area and for anyone not able to attend our local leauge and Northern Bear events but still want to show support and help keep our events #1 in the state of Minnesota & parts of Wisconsin! Although there are no rules to owning a Membership Tag, we have them numbered so if you ever come across another individual who has one you can have a fair and equal challenge to compete for the lower number. 

All profit made from Membership Tags go to our Tournaments by either having added cash, added raffle items, added player pack goodies, and anything else we can give back to our players. None of it goes directly to us. Membership Tag owners still get the same benefits as Bag Tag owners do so you're not missing out on anything there! See greater details  HERE