Battle For The Ribbon!

~Sponsored By: MVP Disc Sports!

Due to some technical difficulties we were unable to take pictures at the end of the event.

May 13th 2023

Our biggest event yet! Although we had a little rain during the beginning of the first round, the weather cleared up and it dried up pretty well! Overall it was a great tournament and everyone had allot of fun! The only downside was our camera had some issues during payouts,  our raffle, and during CTP handouts. We do apologize for that inconvenience.

A huge thanks to MVP Disc Sports for the donations and support throughout the event! Our players had a blast and we're terribly sorry we weren't able to capture those moments on camera!

PDGA Results Here: Battle For The Ribbon!

First Place Winners!


Brandon Dickey



Jason Rice



Cullen Buck



Alec Wegge



Eric Hendrickx



Cassidy Mayorga


Additional Pictures!

For additional pictures please click refer to the link: HERE

Photo Credit:

Heather "Skittles" Oberley