2024 Hibbing Ice Bowl Results

Febuary 3rd, 2024

At 35 degrees with only a couple inches of snow, this 18th annual Ice Bowl is a wrap!! A huge thank you to all who came out and donated too this awesome charity!!!

We had a couple throw offs to break some cash ties!

Jay beat Scot for 2nd cash in AM while Devo also beat Porky for last cash in AM.

We raised $1,485 in cash and  32lbs in canned food along with a $50 Super One gift card!!! What a year!!



1st: Tristan Lindgren at -5 | $50

2nd: Finn Youberg at -3 | $30

3rd: Toad Nynas at -2 | $25

4th: Ray Oberley at E | $15

5th: Joshua Danderland at +3

6th: Ryan Pierson at +4

7th: Ethen Kafut at +5

8th: Ryan Happy at +6

9th: Isaac Hendrickson at +10


1st: Andrew Beavers at +2 | $40

2nd: Jay at +3 | $30

3rd: Scot Bennett at+3 | $25

4th: Norm Mota at +6 | $20

5th: Ray Rivera at +9 | $15

6th: Dan Speece at +10 | $13

7th: Scott Winfrey at +11 | $10

8th: Devo Limesand at +14 | $7

9th: Porky Shears at +14

T-10th: Brian Kafut at +17

T-10th: Joshua Winfrey at +17

12th: Lee Potts at +18

T-13th: Alex Reed at +25

T-13th: Mark Pommier at +25

15th: Kayd Lease at +31


1st: Ryan Bennett at +23 | $10


Andrew Beavers

Raffle Item Winners

Donators and Supporters!

Super Smoke Shop in Virginia MN!

Located down Chestnut St in Virginia, They were our biggest donators! A huge thanks to Sean and everybody at the super smoke shop!! Check them out when you're in town and show your support as they have to the disc golf community and the Chisholm Food Shelf!!

Tabacco Den in Hibbing MN!!

Located on 9th Ave W in Hibbing, They were our second biggest donator and without hesitation!! Another smoke shop to check out, they even sell discs in their store!! Check them out and a huge thanks for their donation and support towards the disc golf community!

Sportsmen's Resturant & Taverna! In Hibbing.

Located down E Howard St, They were our third biggest donator! They've been huge disc golf supporters for years and their food is amazing with the best service!! Definitely stop in for a bite when you're in town!! Thanks to them as well!!!

Other Donators & Supporters:

Located in: Hibbing

Located in: Chisholm

Located in: Chisholm

Located in: Hibbing

Located in: Chisholm

Located in: Virginia

Located in: Hibbing

Located in: Virginia

Located in: Virginia

Located in: Mt Iron

Photo Credit:

Heather "Skittles" Oberley